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Research Projects

Projects with Industry
2004-2005: Investigation into the role of Effective Parameters of Well Destruction in Kermanshah Province. Funded by Kermanshah Water Resources Organization.
2007-2008: Processing of Industrial Minerals in Kerman Province. Funded by the Organization of Mining and Industry of Kerman province.
2007-2008: Troubleshooting and improving Chromite Beneficiation Circuit of Esfandagheh. Funded by Chromite Mine of Esfandagheh.
2008-2009: Electrochemical Bioleaching of Sarcheshmeh Copper Concentrate, Funded by National Iranian Copper Industry Company (NICICO).
2009-2010: Design and Kinetics Modelling of Copper Electro-bioleaching from Flotation Concentrate of Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex. Funded by National Iranian Copper Industry Company (NICICO).
2011 : Feasibility Study for Processing Plant of Dalli Copper-Gold Ore. Funded by Dorsa Pardazeh Company.
2011-2012 Removal of Inorganic Sulfur from Coal in Tabas Coal Processing Plant. Funded by Coal Processing Plant of Parvadeh, Tabas
University Research
2009-2010: Investigation of effect of additives on chalcopyrite copper concentrate bioleaching by mixed moderate thermophile bacteria, Funded by Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman.
2011-2012: Design and Construction of a Controllable Electrobioreactor. Funded by Isfahan University of Technology


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