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Journal Papers
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M. Daryabor, A. Ahmadi, H. Zilouei, H., 2017. Solvent extraction of cadmium and zinc from sulphate solutions: Comparison of mechanical agitation and ultrasonic irradiation. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 34, 931-937 January 2017
A.S. Sadat, A. Ahmadi, H. Zilouei, (2016). Separation of Cu from dilute Cu–Ni–Co bearing bioleach solutions using solvent extraction with Chemorex CP-150. Separation Science and Technology, 51 (18), 2903-2912. November 2016
A. Ahmadi, 2015, Characterization and washability of pyrite in high sulphur coals from Tabas, Iran. Journal of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Research January 2015
A. Ahmadi, M. Khezri, A.A. Abdollahzadeh, M. Askari, 2015. Bioleaching of copper, nickel and cobalt from the low grade sulphidic tailing of Golgohar Iron Mine, Iran. Hydrometallurgy 153, 1-8. March 2015
A. Ahmadi, MR Hosseini, 2015. A Fuzzy Logic Model to Predict the Bioleaching Efficiency of Copper Concentrates in a Stirred Tank Reactor. International Journal of Nonferrous Metallurgy 4(1), 1-8. January 2015
M.R. Hosseini, A. Ahmadi, 2015. Biological Beneficiation of Kaolin: A Review on Iron Removal. Applied Clay science 107, 238-245. February 2015
A. Ahmadi, S.J. Mousavi, 2015. The influence of physicochemical parameters on the bioleaching of zinc sulfide concentrates using a mixed culture of moderately thermophilic microorganisms. International Journal of Mineral Processing 135, 32-39. February 2015
A. Ahmadi, Sh. Heidarzadeh, AR Mokhtari, E. Darezereshki, H. Asadi Harouni, 2014. Optimization of heavy metal removal from aqueous solutions by maghemite (γ-Fe2O3) nanoparticles using response surface methodology. J. Geochemical Exploration 147, 151-158. December 2014
MH. Kiani, A. Ahmadi, H. Zilouei, 2014. Biological removal of sulphur and ash from fine-grained high pyritic sulphur coals using a mixed culture of mesophile microorganisms. Fuel 131, 89-95. June 2014
A. Ahmadi, M. Ranjbar, M. Schaffie, 2013. Effect of activated carbon addition on the conventional and electrochemical bioleaching of chalcopyrite concentrates. Geomicrobiology 30(3), 237-244. January 2013
A. Ahmadi, M. Ranjbar, M. Schaffie, 2012. Catalytic effect of pyrite on the leaching of chalcopyrite concentrates in chemical, biological and electrobiochemical systems. Mineral Engineering 34, 11-18. July 2012
• A. Ahmadi, 2012. Influence of Ferric and Ferrous Iron on Chemical and Bacterial Leaching of Copper Flotation Concentrates. International Journal of Nonferrous Metallurgy 3/1, 42-48. October 2012
A. Ahmadi, M. Ranjbar, M. Schaffie, J. Petersen, 2012. Kinetic Modeling of Bioleaching of Copper Sulfide Concentrates in Conventional and Electrochemically controlled Systems. Hydrometallurgy 127-128, 16-23. June 2012
A. Ahmadi, M. Ranjbar, M. Schaffiei, Z. Manafi, 2011. Conventional and electrochemical bioleaching of chalcopyrite concentrates by moderately thermophilic bacteria at high pulp density. Hydrometallurgy 106(1-2), 84-92. February 2011
A. Ahmadi, M. Ranjbar, M. Schaffiei, Z. Manafi, 2010. Electrochemical bioleaching of high grade chalcopyrite flotation concentrates in a stirred bioreactor.Hydrometallurgy 104(1), 99-105. July 2010
A. Ahmadi, M. Ranjbar, M. Schaffiei, 2010. Optimization of Copper Concentrate Bioleaching by Mixed Moderate Thermophile Bacteria. Journal of Separation Science and Engineering 2(1), 23-35. May 2010

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